IWA-ASPIRE Conference and Exhibition is a collaborative cross-sector platform playing a transcendental role in providing an innovative and comprehensive overview of the latest developments and solutions for the sustainable management of water resources. The event would create an environment for gathering global perspectives, with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. It will feature keynote addresses by world-renowned water technology ingenuity from both academia and industries, who will share, discuss, and dissect significant latest developments and scientific advancements related to various water issues. Water professionals are invited to submit and present their latest findings in parallel sessions centered on specific themes related to broad areas of one water management strategy.

The IWA-ASPIRE 2023 will be held on 22-26 October 2023 in Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel, located at the heart of the city centre with excellent meeting and convention facilities and proven record of hosting the international conference. The 5-day Conference and Exhibition plus technical visits and workshops will attract more than 2,000 participants all over the world.