Climate Change and Water Resources Digital Management and Applications Green Technology in Water Sectors
  • Climate change, water quantity and uses
  • Climate change and tap water quality
  • Climate change and urban water
  • AI and water management
  • Optimization of drinking water systems
  • Digitalization of water utilities
  • Digital water business
  • Rain water harvest and storm water management
  • Wetland systems
  • Groundwater management
  • Green technology for industrial wastewater


Integrated Water Resources Management in Urban Area Management of Emerging Contaminants and Risk assessment Utility Capacity Building and Risk
  • Urban water infrastructure and management
  • Urban water cycles and reuses
  • Supply, drainage and wastewater treatment
  • Environmental monitoring of micropollutants
  • Risk assessment of micro-pollutants
  • Environmental regulations
  • Source control of micro-pollutants
  • Upgrades of water supply system
  • Wastewater collection and upgrade of treatments
  • Emergency response to water crisis
  • Water safety plans
  • Risk communication


Utility Performance Management Water Reuses Water and Wastewater Treatment
Water and Energy Nexus
  • Direct reuses
  • Indirect reuses
  • New perspectives in water reuse
  • Advanced oxidation processes
  • Membrane technology
  • Drinking water treatments
  • Wastewater treatments
Water and Wastewater Policy and Governance