About Kaohsiung

    • Kaohsiung is located in southwestern Taiwan, it is cast in sunshine throughout the year. Kaohsiung used to be an industrial kingdom. It has one of the largest port in the world, and it is popular for its steel and petrochemical industries. Today, Kaohsiung city is gearing towards cultural tourism, touting its history, nature and hospitality. An oceanic tourist capital it is!


Explore Kaohsiung

    • The KMRT O5/R10 Formosa Boulevard Station is located at the intersection of Jhongjheng Road and Jhongshan Road. It is also called the “heart of Kaohsiung MAss Rapid Transit (KMRT)” because it is the transport station of red line and orange line. This station is currently the largest round-shaped station in the world. The main exits with shell-shape were designed by a Japanese architect, Shin Takamatsu. It is a remembrance of the Formosa Incident.
    • Lotus Pond is located on the east side of Zouying district, Kaohsiung City. The lotus flowers bloom every summer has given it the name “Lotus Pond.” The pond is surrounded by willow trees, area of 75 hectares, also an area of temples like Confucius Temple, Spring Autumn Pavilion and Dragon and Tiger Tower. The foggy view in the morning and late evening makes the pond with the mystery feeling, especially in summer time, with the willow trees on the pond side and floating duckweed are attractive to all visitors.
    • The Tuntex Sky Tower is the tallest skyscraper in Kaohsiung and it was the tallest skyscraper in Taiwan until the Taipei 101 replaced its title. With high speed elevators for the 85 floors, the Tuntex Sky Tower is a multifunctional building with offices, residential apartments, department store, hotel (Grand Formosa Hotel), and an observation deck. From the observation deck, views of the Kaohsiung City and Kaohsiung harbor can be seen. It is also an ideal place to watch the sunset in Kaohsiung.
    • As a world famous destination of Kaohsiung, the Heart of Love River is also a new landmark in Kaohsiung. It is also the terminal of the love boat travelling route. It is an artificial lake, which is divided into two parts: East and West. It is an ideal place for you to find a variety of plants and plankton. Also, the river is very close to the most prosperous downtown street, which is a good place for visitors to experience local culture. You can enjoy the natural beauty as well as the colorful city life, especially in the romantic night.

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