1. Definitions and Terms of Reference

In these standard terms and conditions, the following definitions shall apply:

Conditions Shall mean these Terms and Conditions of reserving exhibition space and the rules and regulations of the exhibition as amended when necessary by the Organisers.
Exhibition Shall mean the exhibition to be held concurrently with the 9th International Water Association Asia Pacific Regional Group (IWA-ASPIRE) Conference & Exhibition 2023 to be held on 22-26 October 2023
Exhibition Space Reservation Shall mean the completed exhibition booking form as submitted by the Exhibitor for reservation of exhibition space at the 9th IWA-ASPIRE Conference & Exhibition 2023.
Exhibition Venue Shall mean the Ballroom B & C, 8th Floor, Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel, No. 222, Long Desin Rd., Gushan District, Kaohsiung 804, Taiwan.
Exhibition Space Shall mean any space in the exhibition venue licensed to the Exhibitor, whose submission of exhibition booking form has been processed and accepted by the Organisers for the purpose of the exhibition and shall include shell- scheme (ready stand) spaces.
Exhibitor Shall include the company, institution or government described as such in the exhibition booking form and their employees, agents and representatives and shall also include permitted sub-licenses of the Exhibitor.
Exhibitor’s Manual Shall mean the manual supplied by the Organisers to the Exhibitor, which contains general rules and regulations; and information relating to the preparation of participating in the Exhibition.
Fees Shall mean the amount payable for the use of the exhibition space.
Organisers Shall mean the International Water Association (IWA), Local Organizing Committee, Chinese Taiwan Water Works Association and Asia Pacific Regional Group (ASPIRE).

2. General Rules

2.1. The Exhibitor agrees to abide by all rules and regulations established or adopted by the Organisers in the best interests of the exhibition. Please take note that there are rules and regulations pertaining to electricity, use of stand and safety, stand construction and shell-scheme booths as detailed in the exhibitor manual, to be observed by the Exhibitor.

2.2. The Organisers reserve the right at any time to alter or remove exhibits or any part thereof, including printed materials, products, signs, lights, or sound, and to expel Exhibitors or their personnel, agents or representatives if, in the Organisers’ opinion, their conduct or presentation is objectionable to other participants of the Exhibition.

2.3. The Exhibitor shall abide by the rules and regulations of the exhibition venue – Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel – which are deemed to be integral parts of and incorporated into these conditions. In the event of conflict between the provision of such rules and regulations and these conditions, these conditions shall prevail. A copy of the rules and regulations of Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel are available from the 9th IWA-ASPIRE Conference & Exhibition 2023 Conference Secretariat on request.

2.4. The Organisers reserve the right to interpret, alter and amend any of these conditions and to issue additional rules and regulations at any time they consider necessary for the orderly operation of the exhibition. All interpretations of these conditions and any additional rules and regulations by the Organisers shall be final.

3. Eligibility of Exhibitors

3.1. An Exhibitor can be a company, institution or government. The Organisers may require Exhibitors to produce a copy of their business registration certificate, certificate of incorporation or other registration document at any time.

3.2. The Organisers have absolute discretion in the admission of Exhibitors. Until an exhibition booking form has been accepted and acknowledged in writing by the Organisers, no rights to exhibit are granted notwithstanding payment or acceptance of fees submitted with the application.

3.3. The exhibition space is licensed strictly to the Exhibitor for trade and/or promotion purpose only for the duration of the Exhibition. The Exhibitor is required to use the exhibition space allocated in a manner satisfactory to the Organisers. The Organisers reserve the right to clear all or part of the exhibition space allocated to the Exhibitor at the Exhibitor’s expense without notice should they not be satisfied with the way the exhibition space is being used.

4. Move-In and Delivery of Exhibits

Exhibitors should move in to the exhibition venue according to the move in time schedule specified by the Organisers.

4.1 The arrangement and payment for transporting goods to the venue, receiving goods as they arrive, and decorating exhibits is entirely the responsibility of the Exhibitor. The Organisers take no responsibility for any damages incurred to exhibits during transportation and set-up.

4.2 Exhibits should not be sent to the exhibition venue until the allocated booth is ready. Exhibitors should arrange a representative to be at the booth to receive goods as they arrive. The Organisers will not accept or sign for any goods, exhibits or other materials on behalf of Exhibitors.

4.3 Carpet should be covered by wooden board for transporting Materials/exhibits to avoid damage. Forklifts are not allowed on carpeted areas.

4.4 All Exhibitors, their staff and contractors are required to wear official name badges at all times during Move-in, and Move-out.

5. Storage of Exhibits

Under no circumstances will the Organisers be responsible for receiving or storing any exhibit or booth material. Space is extremely limited at the Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel and Exhibitors need to make direct arrangements with their own agents for the storage, transportation, set-up and removal of exhibits, packaging and promotional material.

6. Stand Cleaning

The Organisers will arrange for the general cleaning of the exhibition premises and stand (excluding exhibits and displays) prior to the opening of the Exhibition and daily thereafter. It is the responsibility of all Exhibitors to keep their own stands tidy. Exhibitors who are likely to have substantial quantities of waste materials for set-up and removal, either during or at the end of each day, must inform the 9th IWA-ASPIRE Conference & Exhibition 2023 Conference Secretariat in advance so that necessary arrangements may be made, for which a charge may be raised.

7. Move Out and Disposal of Rubbish

7.1 Exhibitors should move out of the exhibition venue within the move out time schedule specified by the Organisers.

7.2 The removal and disposal of stand fittings or materials are not covered by the rental. Exhibitors should make direct arrangements with their own agents or the event’s official freight forwarder company for the transportation and removal of exhibits at the Exhibitor’s own cost.

7.3 Any exhibits or stand material left behind at the exhibition venue which are not disposed of by the Exhibitor, will be disposed of by the Organisers at the expense of the Exhibitor concerned.

7.4 All Exhibitors, their staff and contractors are strictly required to wear official name badges at all times during Move-in and Move-out periods. Non- badge holders will not be admitted under any circumstances.

7.5 During move out, at least one of the Exhibitor’s personnel must be present.

8. Insurance

8.1 While the Organisers will, to the best of their ability, take necessary security and safety precautions in the interest of the exhibition, the Exhibitors and visitors shall not hold the Organisers, its agent, representatives, contractors or employees, to be liable whatsoever in respect of loss, injury, theft of exhibits or any damage of persons and properties at the Exhibition during the construction, exhibition and dismantling periods. Exhibitors are responsible for the placement and cost of any and all necessary insurance related to their participation in the Exhibition to cover their exhibits, booth fittings and fixtures, and third-party liability.

8.2 The Organisers shall be entitled to inspect any such insurance policy or premium receipts at any time.

8.3 The Exhibitor will be liable for any damage caused to floors, carpeting, walls, columns, standard booth equipment, or to another Exhibitor’s property. No signs or other articles are to be fastened to the Exhibition Venue walls, fixtures, or electrical equipment.

9. Security

9.1 All exhibits are brought to, displayed at, and removed from the exhibition venue at the Exhibitor’s risk and should be safeguarded by the Exhibitor at all times. It is recommended that your property is not left unattended at any time.

9.2 The biggest deterrent to shoplifters is simply being seen. Please alert staff if you witness any suspicious behavior. Brief your duty staff on the importance of security precautions and make sure that they have view of the whole stand and that there are no blind spots.

10. Miscellaneous

10.1. Moving/Working Exhibits
Precautionary measures such as security guards or other means of protection must be taken to protect the public from any moving/working exhibits. Details of such working/moving exhibits must be submitted to the Organisers for prior approval.
Work of any kind carried out at the exhibition venue must conform to the current local regulations in Taiwan and those specified by the Organisers. This applies to the Exhibitor, its agents, contractors and subcontractors. The Organisers reserve the right to stop any work which contravenes any of these regulations and the Exhibitor should have no claim against the Organisers for any other losses or damages.

10.2. Promotional Activities
All activities of the Exhibitors and their staffs must be confined to the stand or site allocated. Promotional materials such as brochures or catalogues may only be distributed from the Exhibitor’s own stand. No advertising, demonstration or canvassing for business may be carried out anywhere else within the exhibition venue, nor may staff recruiting be carried out during the Exhibition. No exhibits or signs should be placed outside the confines of the Exhibitor’s stand. Publicizing, before or during the exhibition, the sale of a limited quantity special edition at the exhibition venue, without obtaining prior approval from the Organisers, is strictly prohibited. The Organisers will terminate the Exhibitors’ participation if the Exhibitors conduct activity, which in the opinion of the Organisers, interferes with the rights of other Exhibitors at the exhibition.

10.3.Use of Music
Any musical performance, including the use of recorded music for a demonstration or as background music, requires permission from the copyright owner.

10.4.Copyright Issues Pertaining to Exhibits
The Exhibitor should warrant that all exhibits and publicity materials or any other part of the display on the stand do not in any way whatsoever violate or infringe any third-party’s rights including all intellectual property rights i.e. trademarks, copyright, designs, names, and patents whether registered or otherwise.

10.5. Filming and Broadcasting
No Exhibitor should engage in or permit filming, sound recording or video recording, telecasting and broadcasting at the exhibition venue unless approved in advance and in writing by the Organisers.
Exhibitors should not give any interview, public announcement, press statement, or any other publicity whatsoever intended to publicize the exhibition as a whole without prior written consent of the Organisers. Exhibitors should not disclose any technical or confidential information regarding the business or affairs of the Organisers or any of the Exhibitors.
The Organisers shall not be responsible for any error or omission relating to the Exhibitor, its equipment, products or services in the listings in any publicity materials and publications.

10.6. Intellectual Property Rights
The Organisers have the right to request Exhibitors to remove exhibits, which are alleged to be violating intellectual property rights. Any possible legal consequence as a result will have to be borne by the Exhibitors concerned.

10.7.Fire Precautions
Exhibitors, who because of the nature of their exhibits require a special type of fire extinguisher, must make arrangements at their own cost for the provision of such equipment. Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel is a Non-smoking premise. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the premises.

10.8. Dispensing Food and Beverage Samples/Sales of Food and Beverage Items at the Exhibition Venue
According to the rules and regulations of Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel, Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel has the exclusive right to sell or distribute in the Centre all food and beverages, confectionery or any other consumable refreshments. No person shall distribute or give away any item of food or drink not supplied by Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel unless expressly appointed for the purpose in writing by Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel in advance as its lessee, franchisee or concessionaire on such conditions as the Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel may see fit except in the case of the distribution of gifts, and then only to the extent that the amounts distributed or given away shall not be likely, in Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel’s opinion, to have significant effect on its sale of food or drink. Where in the opinion of Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel such distribution of gifts shall have a significant effect on its sale of food or drink, Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel at its own discretion may nevertheless permit the distribution of gifts on the term that Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel will be entitled to charge the Exhibitor such sums as shall be determined by Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel as constituting the loss of profit occasioned to it in consequence of the distribution of the gifts by the Exhibitor.
In addition, Taiwan Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare has set forth very strict rules and regulations relating to sale of food in Taiwan. Any food, whether imported or locally produced, intended for sale in Taiwan shall comply with local rules, regulations and laws. Related ordinance and regulations can be surveyed from the website www.fda.gov.tw/ENG/Site.aspx?sid=10165

10.9. Sound Level/Loud Hailers
All audio-visual equipment must be sited and be kept at the absolute minimum level so as not to cause any annoyance or inconvenience to other Exhibitors or visitors. In no circumstances will microphones or loudspeakers be allowed to be used at the Exhibitors’ booth for product demonstrations or for any other purpose. The Organisers reserve the right to intervene if the sound level causes undue disturbances to other Exhibitors and visitors. Demonstrations by Exhibitors found to be objectionable due to noise level, will be closed down and the Exhibitor shall not receive any refund or damage compensation from the Organisers. Exhibitors are responsible for supervising the actions of all visitors, agents and employees operating audio/visual equipment located in the exhibit area.

10.10. Public Auctions
Public auctions of any kind shall not be permitted at the exhibition venue under any circumstances.

11. Rules and Regulations of Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel

The Exhibitor should observe and comply with all applicable rules and regulations of Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel, copies of which are obtainable from the 9th IWA-ASPIRE Conference & Exhibition 2023 Conference Secretariat on request.

12. Exclusion of Liability

12.1 All opinions expressed and technologies presented in the Exhibition are those of the original authors and Exhibitors. They do not necessarily represent the official opinions of the Organisers.

12.2 The Organisers shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for the consequences of any introduction or commercial transaction made during or as a result of the exhibition.

13. Compliance with Local Legislation

Any Exhibitor who takes part in the exhibition must comply with the relevant rules, regulations and the laws of Taiwan; and shall be solely responsible for observing and complying with the same for obtaining all consents, approvals, authorities, licenses and the like as may be requisite to its participation in the exhibition.

14. Governing Law

These Conditions shall be governed by and constructed in all respects in accordance with the laws of Taiwan and the Exhibitor irrevocably submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Taiwan Courts.