Prof. Seungkwan (SK) Hong

Advancing Desalination Technologies: From Seawater Desalination To Ultrapure-water Production

Dr. Seungkwan (SK) Hong is a professor in the School of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering at Korea University (KU). He is also a dean of Graduate School of Energy and Environment, which was established and supported by KU and KIST (Korean Institute of Science and Technology). He obtained Ph.D. degree in Civil engineering from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1996. Before joining Korea University in 2003, he served as an assistant professor in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Central Florida (UCF), USA (1997~2003). His primary research involves the development of membrane technologies for drinking water treatment, seawater desalination, water reuse, and industrial processes such as ultrapure water production and shale oil/gas produced water treatment as well as electrochemical water treatment technologies. He has (co)authored more than 190 academic papers published in internationally renowned journals (h-index: 61 (Google) and 54 (Scopus) with more than 15,900 and 12,000 citations). With the broad experiences in the related field, he successfully perfectly served as a director of Korean Optimized Reverse osmosis membrane-based desalination integrated with Advanced Energy saving (KORAE) research project (research fund: 36.8 million US dollar, 2016-2022). In addition to his research work, he has actively participated in various academic societies. Professor Hong is a representative of IWA Korean National Committee, a vice president of KSWE (Korean Society of Environmental Engineers) and KMS (Korean Membrane Society). He also served as an Editor of Journal of Membrane Science, Associate Editors of Desalination and Water Treatment, and a member of Editorial Board of Desalination.