08:45-09:00 Gather in MRT Aozihdi Station (Exit 2)
09:00-10:00 60-minute drive
10:00-11:00 Water Recycling Process at ASE Kaohsiung or TSMC S.T.S.P. Reclaimed Water Plant 60-minute visit
11:00-12:00 60-minute drive
12:00-14:00 Taijiang National Park 120-minute visit & lunch break
14:00-14:30 30-minute drive
14:30-15:30 Water Recycling Process at ASE Kaohsiung or TSMC S.T.S.P. Reclaimed Water Plant 60-minute visit
15:30-17:00 90-minute drive
17:00 Arrival


TSMC S.T.S.P. Reclaimed Water Plant

TSMC is committed to promoting sustainable water management and actively practices water conservation, establishing liquid waste classification and distribution systems. Through its efforts, water reclamation in the fabs has effectively achieved the use of each drop of water 3.5 times. To further strengthen water usage efficiency, TSMC has been devoted to developing water recycling technologies, collaborating with government agencies to develop domestic wastewater recycling processes and industrial wastewater recycling technologies in compliance with tap water standards, as well as collaborating with CTCI Co. to build the first in the world, industrial reclaimed water plant dedicated to produce reclaimed water used in advanced semiconductor processes.


Water Recycling Process at ASE Kaohsiung

As ASE continues to grow and expand our production capacity, our water usage has proportionately increased. In order to achieve sustainable growth, ASE stayed focused on water conservation, reducing water usage and effluent reduction.
As a leading provider of semiconductor manufacturing services in assembly and test, we aim to maximize our positive influence by sharing our experience and success on water management.


Taijiang National Park / Sicao Green Tunnel

The mangrove forests on both sides of the waterways grow together towards the center, intertwining to form a dense semi-dome of green shrubbery, stacking layer upon layer to create a deep corridor, not knowing the end and appearing mysterious, thus giving the Sicao Green Tunnel its moniker “Little Amazon”. Tourists from home and abroad come in droves, waiting in line to get on the raft that leads to this green wonderland.